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“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love”……….Mother Teresa

….Love is a beautiful thing but with it comes pain.

 Isn’t it love that makes a woman conceive for months with pain?

What is it if not love, the labor a woman goes through, I know of so many situations where the mother life is at risk and the only thing she says is ‘please save my baby. She doesn’t mind giving up her own life for the yet to be known child; such is love of the mother to that unknown visitor. 

 The agony of love brings tears to my eyes……I sit and think why a girl would stick to an abusive relationship , why a wife wouldn’t leave after so much torture and beating, so much pain and hurt… Now I realize, they are in love and that has brought them agony, the agony is not the pain they experience, but that unseen force that makes them sticks….

But then shouldn’t there be pain in love?

Your answers serve and suit your relationship.

But I think there should be pain in love, because only with it commitment could be measured.

That would explain how deep the root of love is…..

But, let be fair in our love dealings……………

Love is life.

Contributed by;

Samat Abidemi

The Smiling Heart……………



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